As a luxury marketing company with 20+ years of experience buying print and digital media, we know how critical media planning is in crafting successful marketing campaigns. Through long-standing relationships with both mainstream and niche publications, we are poised to deliver outstanding results that keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Effective media planning is the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy. By strategically identifying the right mix of print and digital media platforms that will maximize reach and impact, Luxe ensures that your marketing campaigns not only generate quantifiable results but also succeed in creating a lasting brand image and reputation among your target consumers.


Are you tired of spending your valuable time and money on ineffective advertising campaigns? You now have the solution with Luxe’s media buying service. We’re here to ensure your advertising budget is maximized for optimal results, reaching the right audience for your goods or service.

Over the years, we have built deep-seated, long-term industry relationships that allow us to negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

The end result? We leverage your spending and maximize your budget resulting in an unmistakable impact on your bottom line.

Our media buying service capitalizes on our extensive network of partners, including top publishers, broadcasters, and digital influencers. These relationships give us exclusive access to premium ad placements and on-point targeting that gets your brand the attention it deserves. Say goodbye to underperforming campaigns and hello to lower costs, higher reach, and a maximized advertising budget.


Our volume bookings in a multitude of media enable us to provide the most competitive prices for campaigns of all sizes.

Strong partnerships and long-standing relationships with media providers mean that we can negotiate rates that would be otherwise unattainable if you were to manage marketing efforts independently.
With our rate negotiation strategies, we can save your brand significant amounts on marketing expenditure, which can be reinvested into other business areas or additional marketing channels.


Luxe collaborates as a media buyer for top agencies domestically and internationally to successfully streamline the media process.

By working with the top agencies worldwide, you can be sure that your media buying needs are met efficiently and effectively at the highest level possible.
As your representative, this service goes beyond mere coordination – it aligns all parties involved to ensure that the best media buying strategies are implemented for your brand, working with you and your agency partners to develop an effective advertising strategy.


We boast a full team of deft digital experts who will work tirelessly to capture the attention of hard-to-reach audiences, ensuring your brand will be more than just another name among the rest.

Our Digital Entree service will provide you with a comprehensive cross-channel plan, offering an innovative and highly targeted approach to engaging with your audience.
Luxe’s team of digital experts is your key to unlocking a stronger and well-rounded online presence.


We can’t stress enough the importance of luxury design branding to ensure the success of your business in today’s competitive market. The world of luxury is all about providing exceptional experiences and showcasing a high-quality, exclusive image that captivates your target audience.

We work hand-in-hand with award-winning affiliates to provide branding, content, and creative services to suit any budget.


We have the experience, savvy, and resources of a large, expensive agency, with the hands-on personal care of a boutique firm. Benefit from the best of both worlds.

Although our level of expertise rivals the largest of agencies, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we believe in crafting customized, bespoke strategies for our clients. Our team of strategists works with you to develop a clear and concise agenda for every campaign.


We take the success of your print campaign personally. Unlike traditional agencies, we require no up-front retainers, nor do we assess any billable hours.

This client-centric mindset keeps us focused on what truly matters: helping you achieve extraordinary success with your print campaign.
Don’t settle for the same old agency model that leaves your wallet empty and your goals unfulfilled.