Securing favorable ad placement and making sure that your ads get seen by your target audience is particularly tricky in the luxury market. After all, luxury brands usually have a very specific, narrow customer base, and reaching them through the media they consume on a daily basis is often more difficult and expensive than most other channels. 

However, it doesn’t have to be as hard. By striking a partnership with the right luxury brand advertising agency, you can open up plenty of opportunities to get your ads into top publications viewed by the wealthy and powerful. 

Luxe Communications is the advertising agency that fits the above description. With decades of experience under our belt, we’ve developed a number of close relationships with global media outlets, allowing us to secure even the most highly coveted advertising slots.


When it comes to luxury advertising, working with agencies that adopt generic, one-size-fits-all approaches to PR and advertising can yield results that are the exact opposite of what you’ve initially set out to achieve. You need to find professionals who, like you, are heavily involved in the luxury industry and know its specificities inside and out. 

This is exactly who we are as Luxe Communications. Working with us won’t just get your ads out there; we will oversee every step of the process, from planning to implementation, in order to make sure that your products are advertised exactly to your target audience in a way that makes them stand out from the competition. 

Work with luxury industry veterans


For over 20 years, Luxe Communications and our parent company RMS Media Group Inc., have been at the forefront of luxury advertising and marketing, bridging the gap between luxury brands and their customers. 

This extensive experience, combined with our commitment to constantly evolving with the times, allows us to help clients make use of all the available communication channels, increasing brand awareness and generating revenue effectively and cost-efficiently.


The media landscape in 2023 is over-crowded, convoluted, and increasingly difficult to get into. Without prior relationships and meaningful connections with industry professionals, it can be nearly impossible to secure advertising space in the best publications catering to the target audiences of most luxury brands. 

This is exactly what you’ll get when you enlist our services. The Luxe Communications network consists of only the best publishers, creatives, and analytics professionals. We will leverage our standing in the industry to deliver tangible results based on your specific needs and objectives. 

In many cases, working with ad agencies comes with the risk of advertising in outlets of a lower standard, or ones that don’t exactly meet your requirements in terms of size and audience profile. Of course, this comes down to the agencies’ relationships and industry presence. 

Thanks to our razor-sharp focus on the luxury market, we pride ourselves on continuously exceeding our clients’ expectations when it comes to matching them with publishers and advertisers.


Effective, meticulously tailored media planning is the foundation of any successful marketing and advertising campaign. At Luxe Communications, we are well-connected with mainstream and niche publications, both in legacy media and the online sphere. This opens up a wide array of possibilities for the careful selection of outlets to target with each and every one of our clients’ campaigns. 

We will identify the right mix of digital, print, and other media to meet your needs and objectives to a tee. The ultimate goal is to maximize the reach and impact of your ads in the right publications, ones that are known to be visited, read, and viewed by your target audience. On top of improved sales and visibility, we also strive to help our clients build a long-lasting brand image and a stellar reputation among their target consumers.


As your advertising agency partner, we will not only help you plan out your advertising campaign and target the right media. Our team of hardened industry professionals will work hand-in-hand with you to negotiate favorable rates and desirable ad placements that fit within your budget and get the most bang for your buck. 

We understand how hard it can be for an up-and-coming luxury brand to manage its budget. This is why our rate negotiation services are aimed towards maximizing the impact of your purchases, all the while freeing up a significant portion of your marketing funds to be put toward other efforts. 

Luxe Communications can negotiate the best possible deals for you because of our deep-seated relationships with numerous influencers, publications, and legacy media outlets. We know how these businesses operate and how they determine their prices, which allows us to effectively negotiate terms that are favorable to our clients.


We’re not just an advertising agency. Luxe Communications offers a wide range of other marketing services to luxury brands. All of them are carried out in close collaboration with the client and prioritize their needs and preferences over everything else. 

Digital marketing: from social media management, through programmatic display ads, all the way to search engine optimization, we know what makes luxury customers tick in the online world.

Design services: we collaborate with the very best creatives who can provide you with high-quality content and visual material that perfectly exudes your brand identity.

Agency liaison: Luxe Communications can also be your representative in communicating with other agencies and advertisers, making sure that their work is properly coordinated and falls in line with your needs and expectations. 


At Luxe Communications, we know very well that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in the luxury industry. We’ve spent decades honing our skills and developing relationships with publishers, agencies, and creative professionals. These years of hard work have resulted in our current standing in the industry – a luxury-focused agency, capable of catering to the needs and requirements of every client, no matter how specific they may be. 

Don’t waste time and resources on generic advertising strategies