Luxury brands are not the easiest ones to advertise for. As opposed to other industries where companies largely compete for the same, large customer base, the luxury market is a highly specialized one. The target audiences for such brands can vary widely, from a tiny segment of the 50+ demographic to a large swath of upper-class millennials. It all depends on the type of products or services and their intended perception of exclusivity. 

Although they’re vastly different, there is one thing that unites all luxury brand customers: they all have email accounts. As opposed to other luxury marketing avenues, such as traditional advertising or social media marketing, email marketing for luxury goods does not entail identifying the right communication channels or devising a careful media buying strategy.

Looking for a marketing partner who understands the luxury market?


Email marketing is much more than just sending generic newsletters every week or month. It’s all about understanding your audience and catering your message to the specific profile of each one of your mailing lists. Preparing highly personalized communication packages for each segment of your customer base can be incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive, though. 

This is where Luxe Communications comes in. With decades of experience in the luxury marketing industry, we are one of the most prolific boutique advertising agencies whose services are reserved exclusively for luxury brands. We know exactly what makes their audiences tick. 

We take an individual approach to every client we take on, working together to make sure that their ideals and principles are reflected in every advertisement, email, or social media post we publish. With us, you’ll get a masterfully crafted email marketing campaign that strikes all the right tones with each segment of your customer base.


A well-executed email marketing campaign can help establish a direct line of communication between your brand and its target audience. With newsletters, promotional offers, and seasonal messages that correspond with your prospective customers’ interests, you can establish a strong, permanent presence in their inboxes. We focus on ensuring that your emails do not go unnoticed and provide real, tangible value to those who read them. 

At Luxe Communications, we understand the importance of data-driven marketing efforts. Our campaigns are characterized by their high flexibility and attention to detail, which allows us to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of our clients and their target customers. 

Aside from our in-house marketing experts, we cooperate with a number of external agencies and professionals to deliver an impeccable quality of every single piece of communication for our clients. Combined with a vast network of connections in the media and luxury industries, we have what it takes to help your business grow and thrive in this difficult market.


Many businesses’ email marketing efforts fail because they fail to acknowledge the different needs and preferences of the numerous demographic and population segments that make up their target audience. It isn’t enough to put together well-written newsletters and send them out to a list of thousands of recipients week in, week out, without a second thought. 

We believe that a data-driven approach to marketing, combined with creative work put out by top industry professionals is key to executing an effective email campaign that reaches the hearts and minds of affluent consumers. 

When cooperating with us, your emails will have a personal touch, and will correspond with what your customers are looking for. At Luxe Communications, we are careful to avoid preparing generic, uninspired messages, instead opting for crafting newsletters and emails that are based on the profiles of your main customer groups and their interests.


Thanks to our experience and established presence in the luxury market, we command resources and connections that few marketing agencies can boast. We are also deeply familiar with affluent audiences. As seasoned media professionals with long-term, deep-seated industry relationships, we utilize our expertise to deliver unmatched results to all of our clients.

As our client, you can rest assured knowing that your communication efforts will be prepared not only to engage your target audience, but also to improve your sales numbers and increase your overall revenue. 

Lead generation is another area we excel at. With us, your emails will reach a higher number of potential customers, improving your brand awareness across the board. Whether you’re looking to expand to new markets or continue building your local presence, we can help you take your business to the next level. 

With Luxe Communications by your side, you’ll gain access to new leads and open up new avenues to promote your business in ways you may have previously thought to be out of your reach.


Our email marketing services go above and beyond the typical, generic marketing agency offering, but they’re far from the only ways in which we help our clients. As a boutique luxury marketing agency, we can help you take care of everything, from social media marketing, all the way to media buying and designing your promotional materials. 

We take pride in our individual approach to the needs of our clients. When you work with us, we won’t take action before getting your direct approval, and we will thoroughly discuss your company’s ideals and goals with you before getting started on drafting our marketing strategy. Here’s what we can help you with: 

Media planning 

Media buying 

Rate negotiation 

Agency liaison 

Design work 

…and more! 

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best. Choose Luxe Communications for all your luxury marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners doubt the potential of email marketing in this day and age. It’s easy to see why they may have taken up this point of view. At a time where social media use is ubiquitous, and people get instantaneous access to news relevant to them through their Google feeds and similar services, it seems as though no one uses email for any other purpose than professional and personal communication. 

While it may be true for a significant portion of the population, it’s not entirely the case with many older, affluent internet users. They still view their email inbox as a valuable resource for discovering new content, accessing online shopping deals, and reading the news. 

Finally, with the rise of websites such as Substack, newsletters have become more popular than ever before. They’re no longer seen as a sleazy, quick way to gain access into someone’s inbox. Even younger audiences eagerly subscribe to various free and paid newsletters, as long as they provide valuable, interesting content. 

To put it simply: yes, luxury email marketing is still a viable way to engage with new audiences, drive conversions, and improve your brand awareness, as long as it’s done the right way.

Luxury travel can be a highly lucrative niche, but it’s also insanely difficult to break into. The competition may not be as fierce as in other fields, but this market is full of established companies, well-known among the affluent clientele who use luxury travel services. 

But is your luxury travel business doomed from the start? Of course not. With the right marketing strategy to support your sales department, you can put yourself on a level playing field and compete with industry veterans. 

Email marketing is an important part of luxury travel marketing strategies. This communication channel is extremely valuable when it comes to distributing promotional offers, discount codes, and informing potential customers of new travel destinations, attractions, and luxury transportation options.

Plenty of people make use of the promos they receive in their inboxes. Ignoring email marketing in the luxury travel industry can turn out to be a costly mistake.

Email marketing is a great communication channel for new brands to “introduce themselves” to their target audiences and capture their attention with hand-crafted personalized messages. However, established luxury brands can also greatly benefit from an effective email marketing campaign. 

This is especially true for those companies that have already had a lot of success on the local level and want to continue growing their business by expanding to other markets. In that scenario, an email marketing campaign of such a brand would work similarly to what a new luxury company would do.

For example, they would send out newsletters announcing the expansion into a particular region, followed by messages with discounts and offers enticing new customers to visit their physical locations or browse through their online store. 

Other ways in which established brands can use email marketing to their advantage include customer retention and encouraging repeat business. Things like loyalty programs, virtual birthday cards with discount codes, and updates about new products or services are often sent out via email and have proven to be effective means of customer retention.