Best Luxury Magazines And Publications To Place Your Adverts In

Although true luxury is often quiet, you’d be wrong to think the richest of this world don’t have the plethora of magazines to choose from when it comes to finding inspiration, new waves of thinking, or simply high-end products to purchase.

The market for luxury goods and experiences is large, and it demands attention. Luxury magazines and publications offer a great platform for people interested in luxury lifestyle, fashion, and products and services.

In the same vein, such magazines are a fantastic platform to reach your target audience, increase your brand awareness and build your brand’s reputation. What are the best luxury magazines on the market right now?

We prepared extensive lists of various publications which focus on lifestyle, travel, fashion, and business, among others, to give you a good scope of all the best prestige magazines you can choose to include as a part of your marketing efforts.

Luxe Digital

As it is stated on their website, “Luxe Digital celebrates all the luxuries that make our lives richer —intellectually, but also aesthetically and emotionally. We are championing a new definition of luxury. Beyond bling. Unpretentious. Conscious, elevated living.”

Founded in 2018, Luxe Digital touches on various inspiring topics, such as stories on digital trends, new and innovative luxury brands, craftsmanship, modern icons, and unique experiences, among others.

The magazine wants to reach a new generation of business leaders and affluent consumers, finding a great balance between business and lifestyle stories.

With 190,000 readers every month, 80,000 social media followers, and newsletter subscribers, it’s one of the most influential luxury brand magazines for younger generations of readers.

Editorial sections

Lifestyle, Fine Dining, Technology, Cars, Travel, Business, Interviews, Rankings

Advertising opportunities

advertising, sponsored articles, email marketing, social media advertising, dedicated microsite

Robb Report

One of the oldest and most reputable luxury lifestyle magazines on our list is, of course, Robb Report, which features the entire cross-section of luxury goods, including cars, watches, yachts, aviation, and travel.

This publication reaches the global market and holds both a physical and online presence, having an audience of mostly males aged 40 and above. It’s one of the best luxury lifestyle magazines to be featured in if you want to reach that demographic.

Robb Report magazine holds a significant amount of influence through its seasonal sections called “Best of the Best” in June and the “Ultimate Gifts” in December, which include comprehensive reviews of luxury products and experiences spreading over 60 categories.

Editorial sections

Style (Men’s Fashion, Footwear, Jewelry, Watches); Motors (Aviation, Cars, Marine, Motorcycles); Travel (Destinations, Hotels, Resorts, Spas); Shelter (Art & Collectibles, Vacation Homes, Celebrity Homes, New Construction Spaces, Home Design); Gear (Audio Phones, Cameras, TVs Gadgets, Apps Electronics); Food & Drink (Fine Dining, Wine, Spirits, Cigars); and more.

Advertising opportunities

digital advertising, email marketing, advertorials, video content, dedicated microsites, dedicated events

Portfolio Magazine

Portfolio magazine aims to offer a broad look at a variety of topics regarding business innovations, new solutions, and ways of thinking. The publication draws mostly a younger demographic who is interested in a luxury lifestyle and game-changing events and ideas.

The magazine focuses a lot on the Asian world, and with its broad audience and forward way of thinking, Portfolio Magazine is one of the most important publications regarding the luxury industry in this part of the world.

The magazine sells physical copies, but it also has an online presence, with close to 70K page visitors per month.

Editorial sections

Lifestyle (Fashion, Food and Wine, Watches, Travel, Wellness); Personalities, Platform (Investing, Real Estate, Wealth, Arbiter, Data Cruncher); Social Report

Advertising opportunities

digital and traditional advertising and branding, social media advertising

Prestige Magazine

Prestige Magazine, created exclusively for the Asian community, offers a deep dive into the luxury lifestyle of affluent readers from this part of the world. Available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand, Prestige Magazine covers topics regarding luxury lifestyle, high-end fashion, and travel, as well as goods like watches and fine jewelry.

This luxury lifestyle magazine offers both printed copies and content on their website, which attracts around 125,000 readers every month.

Editorial sections

Luxury Lifestyle, Watches, Leisure, Jewelry

Advertising opportunities

custom content, video content, digital advertising, and branding


Tatler is one of the highest-regarded luxury lifestyle magazines on the market. Present for the last 30 years, this luxury lifestyle publication has garnered a dedicated audience that is interested in high-end products and experiences, the entertainment industry, and politics. This lifestyle magazine offers great substance, featuring quality editorial subjects written by experts in their fields.

With great global reach and a strong online presence, Tatler is right up there amongst high-class magazines for affluent and discerning readers.

Editorial sections

Style, Beauty, Royals, Living, Jewellery, Travel

Advertising opportunities

traditional advertising, sponsored articles, social media advertising, video content, email marketing

Haute Living


Haute Living is regarded by many as the best luxury magazine in the US for lifestyle and fashion content. The publication is actually a network of luxury lifestyle magazines that releases bimonthly regional editions for New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

One of the main means of distribution for this luxury lifestyle magazine are private jets. The publication is available on 7,500 private jet flights every month. Their website receives about 200,000 visitors monthly, and copies of the magazine are printed out and sent to an exclusive list of readers across the country.

Editorial sections

Lifestyle, Celebrity, Travel, Fashion,

Advertising opportunities

display advertising, sponsored articles, social media advertising

Elite Traveler Magazine

Elite Traveler is a private jet lifestyle magazine with all the information and recommendations for the best exclusive destinations and hotels, food and drinks, art and architecture, as well as luxury goods like jewelry, watches, and fashion.

Similarly to Haute Living, the distribution of this luxury lifestyle magazine is largely limited to private jets and first-class airline lounges.

Elite Traveler magazine strives to reach a sophisticated and wealthy audience, and with their distribution model and more than 200,000 monthly visitors to their website, their influence is global.

Editorial sections

Travel, Food & Drink, Style, Leaders in Luxury, Cars, Jets & Yachts, World’s Finest

Advertising opportunities

traditional advertising, sponsored articles, social media advertising, email marketing


Founded in 2004, JustLuxe is one of the top luxury magazines for the rich interested in recommendations for luxury experiences and products. Their website offers quality content regarding luxury hotels and SPAs, boats and aviation, or local news and tips regarding the most visited and beautiful cities in the world.

With how they operate, this luxury magazine is geared towards connecting their affluent readers with luxury brands around the globe, publishing pieces about the most exquisite luxury resorts, luxury travel, and the finest things of this world.

Editorial sections

Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, City Guides

Advertising opportunities

advertising in a digital space


When it comes to street fashion, there are not many better publications than Highsnobiety. This magazine covers topics related to luxury fashion and culture, offering an interesting and fresh outlook on how the youngest generations change and shape trends.

Highsnobiety, as a streetwear and street art lifestyle magazine, is one of the most influential publications on the market. They represent a digital-first publishing approach (with close to 6 million visitors to their website each month), with printed issues released quarterly around the globe.

Editorial sections

Style, Sneakers, Music, Design

Advertising opportunities

sponsored articles, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising

Buro 24/7

On the list of the top luxury magazines for the rich, we couldn’t omit Buro 24/7. The lifestyle and fashion publication quickly took the luxury world by storm, becoming an important luxury portal for beauty and culture.

One of the biggest advantages of this magazine is the fact that they’re targeting many crucial markets, like the Middle East, Singapore, and Mexico. It’s also one of the publications which reach a mostly younger audience, going after affluent Millennials and Generation Z readers.

With its strong online presence and versatile global reach, Buro 24/7 might be the best luxury magazine to target this demographic in the beauty and fashion sector.

Editorial sections

Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Success, Watches+Jewelry

Advertising opportunities

sponsored articles, social media marketing, display advertising, email marketing

CovetED Magazine

Best luxury magazine about interior design? There are at least a few, and CovetED is among them. This publication is a one-stop for a sophisticated global audience of interior designers and enthusiasts who look for inspiration in the latest home design trends that always surprise and come off as fresh, classy, and unique on CovetED pages.

Apart from interior design, this lifestyle magazine covers topics related to culture, lifestyle news, travel, and luxury products. Every three months, they’re distributing the print version of the magazine to the most important markets in the world, including Milan, Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and Miami.

Editorial sections

Interior Designers, Room Inspirations, Trends, Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Luxury Products

Advertising opportunities

display advertising, homepage takeover, email marketing, social media marketing,

AFAR Magazine

When it comes to traveling to the most luxurious, exclusive, and breathtaking destinations in the world, affluent readers can find every piece of information and advice in AFAR Magazine.

The selling points of AFAR are inspiring and high-quality storytelling and presenting authentic and incredible destinations that are available for those who seek the most amazing experiences this world has to offer.

With a traditional print edition released bi-monthly and a readership that oscillates around 250,000, this magazine, full of world-class destinations, is a perfect pick for reaching the sophisticated audience interested in travels and luxurious experiences.

Editorial sections

Destinations, Trip Ideas, Tips+News, Hotel, Journeys

Advertising opportunities

standard display ads, custom content, brand pages, email marketing, sponsored articles

Global Living Magazine

Global Living Magazine is one of the more niche-focused publications on our list, focusing on providing quality and extensive content on what it’s like to lead a luxurious lifestyle abroad.

The magazine features articles relating to working and living in various destinations around the globe, examining different challenges and opportunities their affluent readers may face as expatriates.

Global Living Magazine has an established traditional print publication, released in a bi-monthly schedule, and targets a sophisticated audience of savvy, international readers, like CEOs, business proprietors/executives, expatriates, and world travelers.

Editorial sections

Expatriate Living, My Expat Story, Expat Bookshelf, Travel, Culture, Global Events, Global Entrepreneurs

Advertising opportunities

sponsored articles, display ads

The Resident

Amongst luxury London lifestyle magazines, The Resident is one that holds a lot of influence. The publication celebrates all the best that the city has to offer, covering topics related to culture, food, events, business, and real estate in London.

This luxury lifestyle publication produced many riveting stories and is a great source of information regarding the latest events and cultural life of one of the most important cities in Europe.

Editorial sections

Travel, Style and Culture, Food and Drink, Events, Business, Innovation, Real Estate

Advertising opportunities

cover stories, events, traditional advertising, featured stories

Top Luxury Magazines – Honorable Mentions

In our article, we focused on some of the most popular yet innovative high-class magazines in their niches, but of course, the list of luxury magazines around the world is much more extensive. Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make our cut but are still worth your consideration.

  • Town and Country Magazine – lifestyle
  • Wealth Collection Magazine – lifestyle, personal finance
  • Sur la Terre Magazine – lifestyle
  • Verve – lifestyle
  • Bespoke Magazine – lifestyle, travel, Arab culture
  • Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – travel, fine dining, exclusive property, and interiors
  • EAT LOVE SAVOR Magazine – lifestyle
  • NOBLE & STYLE – travel
  • Sphere Magazine – lifestyle
  • Luxurious Magazine – lifestyle
  • Jetset Magazine – aviation, cars
  • Upscale Living Magazine – lifestyle
  • San Francisco – Lifestyle
  • Condé Nast Traveler – lifestyle, travel
  • Preferred Magazine – men’s luxury lifestyle
  • OutThere – travel
  • How To Spend It – lifestyle

Final Thoughts

As we hopefully showcased here, the market of luxury lifestyle magazines is quite extensive and covers a lot of ground in terms of different niches and markets. Using these publications to reach your audience can be a valuable marketing strategy for your luxury brand.

If you want to learn how Luxe Communications can help you increase your brand’s recognition, contact us today. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

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